Best Security Cameras for Your Workplace

If you are a small business, like many others, you can’t afford to have your items vandalized, stolen, or tampered with. This is why you need to have commercial-grade security systems. You might need a video surveillance system to prevent your employees from stealing before business hours through motion detectors. Here are some of the best security cameras for your workplace.

1. Front Point

In this review, we would love to present FrontPoint cameras as the best choice for small business. This is because the company provides more than just security cameras. HotPoint is a security company that provides you with all the security options that you need to ensure the safety of your items. Their cameras feature smart locks, keypads, smart controls, carbon monoxide detectors, motion sensors, and everything intended to see that you have a safe workplace.

For your security system, you can get excellent options from the company. Most of their cameras feature 1080p video quality, alongside premium indoor camera and two-way communication. Their highly innovative cameras have the widest fields of view, which is another reason they have topped our list. You can choose to higher experienced CCTV installers to fix the system for you or do it yourself.


This company is known for making a wide range of cameras, and they are some of the key players in the security industry. This company is notable because it provides free cloud storage of the recordings. You get seven days worth of free storage for your videos and images. Also, these cameras are easily compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and many other voice-command gadgets. Just provide Aro with the Q word, and you are free to view the videos on your smartphone.

These indoor cameras provide you with 1080P resolution and high-quality night vision. With these cameras, you can see what is going on even when it is totally dark across a viewing field of 130-degrees. The fact that is discreet makes it easy to hide in the workplace while still covering everything going on. It also features two-way audio.

3. ZOSI Security Recorder

ZOSI have high-quality security systems that they also sell at reasonable prices. Their products come with DVR recorders that you need for indoor use alongside weatherproof indoor cameras. These cameras are quite discreet, which means you will not struggle to hide them at various points in your premises. They feature recorders that can support up to eight channels. It is programmed to record over old footage, but this won’t happen unless you ask it to.

The company has external cameras that are vision-triggered. These systems are programmed to record non-stop. Everything they come with is USB-compatible so that you can easily backup your files. However, you will need a separate hard-drive to store files. But they sell their cameras at a reasonable price, so you don’t have to shy away.

4. Blink XT2

These are some of the best cameras designed to provide small businesses with high-definition recordings for less. On our list, these are some of the most affordable security systems. You will not have any problem with non-authorized individuals accessing important business files.

These cameras are multi-functional, which implies that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They can also provide high-quality recordings without being degraded by bad weather. You can use a mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS, to view your videos from any mobile device remotely. Though these cameras provide free cloud storage, you can only save short clips that are triggered by motion in front of your cameras.

5. Lorex

Though Lorex only has a few cameras under its name, it is still known for its high-quality security systems. They also have some affordable cameras for small businesses, but this does not imply that you won’t get the most from them. They have analogue cameras, which mean you don’t need to have them connected to the internet. The only disadvantage is that their systems must be hardwired to the system DVR through a coaxial table. This cable is stiff and won’t transmit power or audio. They also have a limited range of about 300 feet.

This is also good not only for office security but also for home security purpose especially for first time parents who want to keep an eye on their baby who is sleeping peacefully in a cot mattress during night time. As these cameras provide 1080 high definition images, digital video features and a night vision range of up to 130 feet. The systems come with a decent temperature range in case you choose to have them installed outdoors.


The cameras on this list come with tremendous benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. They are also easily affordable, which means you won’t have to use a lot of your business capital to have them installed. Talk to your CCTV installer for affordable services and keep your workplace safe and secure.


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