Three things Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari will take to grave

Those mocking and mourning the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari are only living on numbers, the same Grim Reaper that ended his life will surely take our lives at appropriate time. How do you intend to spend your last moment? What will you be doing at the moment Grim Reaper arrives to take your life? What do you want the people to say about you after you are dead? Start working on it now because the clock is ticking and in this pandemic period, no one knows the next person.

Abba Kyari is a successful man. Spent 84 years on earth, mostly in rich and elite world which is a rare privilege. Powerful, affluent, wealthy and connected but he’s not a fulfilled man. If someone had told him that he would die so soon and would not take part in the politics of 2023? If someone had told him that he would have no contributions to the election of new leaders in 2023? If someone had told him that he would not complete the tenure with his bosoom friend, Buhari? If someone had told him that Buhari he visited several times in UK during his sick days to sign documents would outlive him? What would have been the reaction of one of the most powerful men in Nigeria? Nobody would leave the earth as a fulfilled entity, we will surely die in our search. There will always be ideas and plans awaiting processing then why do we take this life as if it would never end?

There are lessons to take from the demise of Abba Kyari. If you have a politician as a friend, tell him that the same Grim Reaper that killed Abba Kyari has not gone to bed if he continues looting funds meant for the people. If you have a rich person as a friend, tell him that the same Grim Reaper that killed Abba Kyari has not gone to bed if he fails to assist the poor ones and repent from victimising the weak ones.

Tell that powerful man who uses skulls of the poor to do longlife voodoos that the Grim Reaper is still busy killing his fellows and his time is near.

People with fat accounts especially those who looted and diverted public funds, they should show empathy for the poor and assist the government in curbing the disease and hunger. There’s hunger in town, the only way to curb this virus is for people to stay at home and this means can only be possible if wealthy people turn themselves in as provider of food items for the poor ones in their locality. Nobody will leave this country alive, hale and hearty if this virus become worse and people defy lockdown orders. There’s no better time to help the poor and disabled than this moment. The larger population including working men have become vulnerable. This is the best time for the rich to take responsibility and resume community feeding.

Abba Kyari is dead, he left the earth with nothing. He’s a muslim. He will be buried without coffin. Lower animals who dare not touch his body while alive would feed on him. His beautiful wives no one touch would become someone’s wife while his daughters are now rich orphans who will now depend on assistance from their father’s allies. His houses you dare not enter without permission may become properties of those who have no clue of how heated it was during his striving days.

As wealthy as he’s, he will only take three things to his grave. All his beautiful houses, cars, beautiful daughters and wives are no more his possession. The only three things he will take to his grave are what he ate while alive, what he drank while living and good or bad deeds he had done. All these are the three things he will take to the grave.

Abba Kyari is gone, he has no opportunity to rewrite history because he has become one. He can not eat, drink or engage in acts. You that are still living, graciously waiting for Grim Reaper, hope you are doing well in these things?

Three things Buhari's Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari will take to grave

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