The Nigerian Armed Forces Centre provides post-service training to 49 officers


The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. Leo Irabor, stated on Friday that the current global economic and national security climate is dynamic, posing unique challenges for post-service life.

Irabor made the remarks at the graduation ceremony for Senior and Mid-Level Officers’ Entrepreneurship and Management Course 4/2021 and Discharging Trainees of NAFRIC Course 3/2021, which took place at Buhari Hall, NAFRIC.

Maj.-Gen. Julius Oni, the Defence Director of Logistics, represented Irabor at the event, where 49 Senior and Middle Level Officers graduated and 350 trainees were discharged from the NAFRIC courses.

According to the CDS, the continuation of quality training in vocational entrepreneurship and managerial skills for retiring personnel remains a viable tool for a productive post-service life.

Nigerian Armed Forces Centre (NAFRIC) graduates

“We have continued to prioritize the NAFRIC’s training needs to ensure that retiring personnel are well equipped to face the challenges of life in retirement and successfully reintegrate into civil life,” he said.

According to Irabor, post-service life presents unique challenges, such as managing resources, particularly retirement benefits.

“There will be influences from friends and family members, as well as management of mental and physical health and reintegration into civil society.”

“Keep in mind that embarking on a new life that is beyond your means or engaging in non-lucrative ventures is extremely risky.”

“As a result, I urge you to be proactive in your behavior to avoid or overcome these challenges, and to continue with physical exercises to keep your mind and body sharp,” he said.

The general stated that their training had exposed them to a variety of vocational opportunities, entrepreneurship procedures, and general management skills that would allow them to live a stress-free and meaningful retirement life.

“With this in mind, I would like to encourage graduating officers and trainees to put all of their knowledge, skills, and expertise to good use.”

“The virtues of discipline, integrity, and patriotism, which are essential to national and defense development, were reinforced at every stage of the course at the center.”

“As a result, incorporate the skills and expertise gained during the training to foster personal development and societal progress toward national socioeconomic development,” Irabor said.

In 2017, President Muhammadu Buhari approved enhanced welfare packages for retiring members of the armed forces, urging them to remain loyal and dedicated to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he said.

“In recent years, the center has worked hard to expand and upgrade training and boarding facilities in order to better fulfill its mandate.”

“I congratulate NAFRIC’s Commandant, AVM Adamu Idris, and his team on this remarkable achievement and enjoin you all to keep this impressive sight,” Irabor said.

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