Expert appeals to FG for more public awareness on recycling

An environmentalist, Rachael Bolanle, on Saturday appealed to the Federal Government (FG) and recycling companies in the country to increase public awareness and education on recycling.
Bolanle, while speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, said that the country would be better if there is more public awareness on how to recycle materials.
According to Bolanle, government and recycling companies should put more effort into protecting the earth and future by sensitizing the public more on recycling.
“Recycling is the process of converting waste into reusable material. Less than 30 percent of Nigerian Homes consider recycling to be important. There is a need for public awareness and campaigns from the government and all recycling companies in the world.”
“People need to be aware of the importance of recycling and how they should play their parts to save the earth,” she said.
She added that plastic waste is now one of the major and highest waste products being produced globally.
“Tons of it are not properly disposed of, if this continues, it only takes a matter of a few years and the country will be in a big mess. Plastic and bottles should not be broken and found littering the environment, rather they should be properly disposed of and recycled,” she said.
She added that the government and recycling companies should promote recycling education in schools. In fact, it should be included in the school’s scheme of work.
“Let children understand how to keep a clean environment, save the future and the earth right from primary and secondary schools. With accurate and continuous public awareness, people will be cautious about how they dispose of waste. People will not be found sorting plastic and some other wastes with their bare hands, hence, promoting hygiene, good health, and safe earth for all,” she said.
She added that humanity is at a crossroads, adding that everyone had to work every day to protect the future.
She added that plastic companies should also monetize recycling activities.
“If there is a strong awareness that makes citizens understand that they will get paid for every plastic they dispose of properly, they will gladly dispose of them with their ‘money sense’ at alert. No one will throw plastic on the road, gutter, or anywhere. Let’s protect our future together because the future of the earth lies in our hands” she said.
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