Stakeholders task youths on non-violent communication


Ikechukwu made the call during a Roundtable on National Issues, organised by the DSA in Abuja.

The DSA is a communications, training and human capital development organisation.

The executive director, who was the convener of the roundtable, said interventions made by the youth should be with clear goals of development and sustainable social order.

He stressed on the need for news sources to be properly verified before decisions are taken, particularly as 2023 general elections draw close to avoid disinformation.

“Particular reference should be made to recorded audio messages, distorted video clips and fake news, “he said.

He called for policies that would make Nigeria move away from being a consuming nation to a productive country stressing that “productivity is the major driver of national currency.

“Productivity, change in consumption pattern of Nigerians and improvement in national security will create an enabling environment for a reversal of the current state of the nation.”

Also speaking, Rev. Fr. George Ehusani, Executive Director, Lux Terra Leadership Foundation said:” young people need to take their future in their hands and forge a new nation that their children will be proud of”.

He called for a drastic change to enable the populace enjoy the country’s human capital and natural resources.

“We of the older generation must admit that we have failed the younger generation.

“We have taken food off the mouth of our own children and if we must re-write our history we must be ready to change the things that have not worked over the years.

A media professional, Dr Amaechi Anakwe, urged the youth to make themselves available and identify with existing platforms to be able to make the needed impact and change.

He said the present political system was an exclusive one that required people to be part of a platform to make the needed change.

He added that running for political positions as individual was not feasible because there was no provision for individual candidature in the Electoral Act.

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