Ukraine: Only 10% of war atrocities reported – official alleges


A Ukrainian official says only a small number of alleged atrocities against civilians in Ukraine, for which Russian soldiers are standing accused, are reported.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna told an Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, that only 10 percent of crimes were reported.

“We have found evidence of many crimes, including sexual crimes, which often go unreported,” the official said.

She said that it was a Russian tactic to break the morale of the Ukrainian population.

“With the help from the European Union, we are investigating these silent crimes. We are setting up centres for survivors, for those who were victims of torture and sexual crimes.”

Stefanishyna described as inadequate to end the war, the sanctions packages adopted against Russia so far.

She said that  European leaders had the responsibility not to finance the aggressor and the death of Ukrainians.

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