Mothers’ Union President tasks mothers on the benefits of building a healthy family


 Mrs Martha Ibezim, President of Mother’s Union, Women’s Guild, and Girls Guild, Province of the Niger, Anglican Communion, Diocese of Awka, has called on Christian mothers to double their efforts in home building.

Ibezim, wife of The Most Revd Alexander Ibezim, Archbishop Province of the Niger and Bishop, Diocese of Awka, made the call during the Diocesan Women celebration of International Day of the Families in Awka on Friday.

She charged Christian mothers to take up more seriously the duty of building a Christian home that would be devoid of all criminal tendencies but rooted in the fear of God.

Ibezim said that the society would be best when parents train their children from birth to cradle and to adulthood with the basic principles of grooming a child which included moral values and healthy cultural behaviours.

She advised parents to spend quality times with their children and teach them basic behavioral actions that are acceptable in the society in addition to praying together as a family which will leave a moral grace in their lives unto adulthood.

She said “Parents should make out time to groom a child in the right attitude, like giving impression of work hard, monitoring their movement and social activities and reproof when necessary, the whole act would stick to their heart.

“Do not give a child all they ask for; make them know how to fend for themselves,” she advised.

Ibezim said that the theme for the church for International day of the families is “The role of the family in building a better Nigeria”, and urged parents who fear God to apply same fear to train their children to be accountable to God.

“Lots of crimes, killings and unrest abound in the country because parents have focused more on materialism and neglected the core job of home building and training of the children,” Ibezim said, appealing to parents to “come back home to perform our duty for a safer society.”

Earlier in a homily to mark the International Day of the Families, titled The Role of the family in building a better Nigeria”, Venerable Rex Kanu said that parents have failed God by not doing their work of child development optimally.

He said as recorded in the Bible – Deuteronomy 6 verses 1 to 9 – God has commanded his faithful what to do to raise godly children.

“Also Genesis 18, verses 19,” said “For I know that he will command his children and his household after and they shall keep the way of the Lord to do justice and judgement that God may bring unto him what he has promised”.

Kanu said that parents need to train their children very well to be well rooted in life; to be able to discern from what is good or bad behaviour and to shun any act of anti-social behaviors.

He said that Christian parents need to nurture their children in the nature where they exist with its core values and acceptable norms.

Kanu said that family devotion and respect for elders and seniors need to be restored in the training of children and cautions and spanks could be applied if the need arises. Similarly, parents should acknowledge reproof given to a child from another adult.

He urged families to develop skills to achieve a positive life skills and recommend responsive family-oriented policies in order to harness these positive aspects of new living to jettison the negative things tearing the nation apart.

Mrs Ukamaka Okeke, a participant, said that it will be nice to set a day aside annually to remind parents and other guardians of their roles in the family.

Mrs Oge Agu, a retired Chief Nursing Officer, said that the day ave room to parents to be reminded of their core responsibilities to build a good and God fearing home.

Agu said that the day affords mothers time to sit together to exchange ideas on how best to raise healthy families as well as a safe society.

Reports have it that the United Nations, which leads the International Day of Family celebrations, has chosen “families and Urbanisation” as the theme for 2022.

The objective is to raise awareness about the importance of family-friendly, sustainable urban policies.

Our correspondent reports that the service for the international day of families was marked with holy communion celebrated by Venerable Sam Okonkwo and prayers were offered to God to heal the land of Nigeria and restore peace and prosperity.

Clergies from all the churches in the Diocese and youths attended the celebration.

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