NSCDC advises personnel on conflict management


The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has advised its personnel to learn to solve their personal disputes, to effectively handle the responsibility of conflict resolution in communities.

Dr Hammed Abodunrin, NSCDC Commandant in Ondo State, gave the advice at a one-day sensitisation programme on Peace and Conflict Management on Thursday in Akure.

The programme was organised for NSCDC divisional officers, peace and conflict management officers and management staff in the state, to enhance their skills on conflict management.

Abodunrin said the sensitisation was to prevent communal conflicts, as such, those assigned the responsibility shouldn’t fail to resolve their personal disputes.

“I want to say specifically that it has become necessary that officers must be peaceful for them to carry out effective service delivery relating to communal crisis.

“Somebody who could not manage his wife or her husband cannot resolve any crisis in the community.

“If you are having issues with your sisters, brothers, uncles, husbands and wives at home, there is no way you can manage peace and conflict with anybody outside.

“So, any officer that is still having issues at personal level and cannot resolve it, then he cannot hold any position in this command, particularly related to peace and conflict management.

“I expect the desk officers who are the head of peace and conflict management in any local government, to also be peaceful within themselves.

“Because when there is a problem, you will be addressing all issues from your own perspective of the problem you are having.

“It is only when you are peaceful within you that you will be able to let the peace radiate,” he said.

Abodunrin said that the command had set up a grievances management centre and encouraged members of public to report their issues for amicable resolution free of charge.

“People or community should not lose hope because when you lose hope, you start becoming violent.

“Try as much as possible to approach us in peace and conflict management resolution unit, we render the service free of charge.

“The alternative resolution we are preaching that the Commander General is interested in, is a win-win case, which everyone will be happy,” he added.

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