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Singer Usher accused of shoplifting, banned from retail store

Days after been dragged for for passing fake dollar bill at a Las Vegas strip club, American singer Usher Raymond has been accused by two former retail workers of shoplifting.

Stylist Brian Jimenez took to Twitter to narrate how Usher allegedly walked into the store he used to work in and left with a $2,000 jacket without paying.

Brian tweeted: “When I used to work retail, usher walked in and tried on a $2,000 jacket. He chopped it up for a bit while still having it on. Then this dude dabs me up and walks out with the jacket.”

Afterwards, another Twitter user who used to work in retail claimed Usher was banned from the New York boutique where she worked for walking out without paying for merchandise.

She said he was fond of taking things without paying and his wife at the time always had to bring the items back with makeup on them.

She wrote: “Usher was banned from my store for this same sh*t.”

She added: “I feel like I need to clarify this isn’t a current employer, this was 10 years ago in Soho when I worked at Atrium. He was banned and so was his ex-wife. He would just steal, she would just try to return sh*t he clearly wore covered in make up.”

The allegation comes after a stripper accused Usher of passing fake “Usher Bucks” at the Las Vegas strip club where she works.


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