Miracle is the Winner of Big Brother Naija 2018, awarded N25 million


After several suspense, Ebuka, the controversial host of BBNaija 2018 announced Miracle as the winner of Big Brother Naija 2018.

There was a lot of suspense in the Big Brother Naija 2018 reality TV show before the final winner was announced. Ebuka the official Host for the BBNaija show did not help matters as it took him almost a minute of silence before announcing the winner.

After 85 days in the BB Naija 2018 House and a very long silence from Ebuka, Miracle, the Pilot-Housemate  was announced as the winner of Big Brother Naija 2018. Fans trooped to the stage to congratulate him, within few seconds Miracle was on the floor after jubilation Fans jumps on him.

The game started with 20 housemates and Miracle has risen the winner. Cee C comes the first runner-up after also standing out as the most controversial in the house. He has shown throughout the show that he is determined and a go-getter, but he has shown that he is a man of integrity.

Miracle could not contain the joy as a winner, the amazement was all over his face and shown in his actions. He will be going home with N25 million among many other gifts.

Watch video below..

What viewers are saying about Nina, Alex, Tobi’s eviction

Nigerians and followers of the Big Brother Naija 2081 reality television show have reacted to the eviction of Alex, Nina and Tobi on the final day.

Nina, Alex and Tobi were evicted on the day-85 of the show, leaving Cee-c and Miracle as the last two standing.

Here are what Nigerians are saying on Twitter:

NINA evicted ahead of ALEX is quite Surprising. It wasn’t as expected but HEY. Stay CALM and let’s see what happens. #TeamMiracle got this at the end of the day sha

Nina breaking up with his boyfriend Collins on LIVE TV and many people don’t see a single fault in that but let us turn the table like DJ Consequence and Men are scum will become a popular phrase in few minutes.

RT if you are not surprised that NINA was evicted ahead of Alex.

Nina didn’t dump Collins oh!! Let me clarify. When she gets to Lagos, she’ll know what happens there. If Miracle wins, then clarity…. #bbnaija A woke queen.

Nina : Baby I’m back. I’ve really missed you, don’t mind what I said on TV you’re still my everything. Collins:

Big congratulations to Alex for coming 4th. I see opportunities and open doors for her.

Nobody should tell me that Tobi isn’t in love with Alex

That Tobi and Alex hug was something else, they didn’t even allow Cee C to enjoy Alex ‘s eviction. I love Tolex

Quick one. Who do you think is gona go home with 45M tonight? Retweet for Miracle, Like for Tobi, comment for Cee-c, write name for Alex

#BBNaija #BBNaijaFinale How can Tobi be out? Ha! Moku, mogbe, modaran, the marine spirit has won this, ah!

Lashes more votes than Tobi . Issalie We will head to the Tribunal.

The prophet and prophetess of Twitter that said Tobi will win, where art thou?

Tobi is out, can Nigerians begin to have their heart attack like I predicted? If ….. wins Naija will have a momentary melt down

#BBNaija #BBNaijaFinale Retweet if Tobi is your real winner!!!

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