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I’m surprised Nigerians are not clapping for Buhari — Minister of Labour, Ngige

Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige on Sunday said Nigeria would have been in ruins if President Muhammadu Buhari was not elected to pilot the affairs of the country in 2015.

Dr Chris Ngigespoke with journalists in Onitsha, Anambra State, said the All Progressives Congress met the country in tatters  when it took over from the Peoples Democratic Party about three years ago.

He expressed surprised that Nigerians were not “clapping” for Buhari for reviving the economy of the country from what he called a state of comatose.

Reminded that the general feeling was that Buhari had failed in areas of security and economy, Ngige said “Don’t just talk about that. We are wonderful with the economy; nobody, I mean no person would have done better than this present government in those two areas.

” I want you to take something away and that thing is that any other person handling this situation; economy, security, it would have been worse.

“We came in and oil nosedived to 37 dollars a barrel with a production of 600,000 per day, a drop from 2.2 million and yet we managed the economy out of recession.

“Nigerians should be clapping for us on daily basis, and after thanking God, they should thank us. Yes, because God has used Buhari and some of us to make Nigeria work.

The Minister said the Buhari government had created over eight million jobs through agriculture and allied industries, stressing that previous governments had depended on oil money and failed to diversify the economy.

He maintained that because of the enabling environment created by the APC government, the country now saved about $1.8bn annually from rice importation.

He added,” We’ve encouraged people and said there is dignity in labour with the hand. Today, we are second to America in world production of sorghum; today, we are importing about four per cent of the rice needs of the country.

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“Prior to that, this country was spending $5m daily on rice and about $1.8b annually on rice importation. And you don’t want to clap for us!

He described those complaining against the Buhari government as ” loafers looking for appointments and air-conditioned  jobs.”

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  1. Dan Fankun says

    Is your hand have wedlock?

  2. Ekanem Kingsley says

    Is your hand paining you from clapping for him?You and your family can do so naa

  3. Felix Joseph says

    U re a very big fool Ngige

  4. Emmanuel Alechenu says

    Since you people take over office many jobs have you create for Nigerian .I Don’t blame you because the money you are using Nigeria provide for you, the food, clothes, the house and cars you drive Nigeria provide for you and as long as Buhari remain in power is for your good.

  5. Philip Peace Egor says

    Few Nigerians love evil than good. Do don’t expect such Nigerians to clap for Buhari

  6. Obioma Ukejianya says

    He goat at ngige

  7. Omeh Chuks Godwin's says

    Mr clapper continue to clap

  8. Jossy Emmanuel says

    But u get hands na

  9. Nigerian Minister of Labour on a codeine and weed diet. leave the man he’s high let him come down then he will realize what he was saying

  10. Clement Chukwuemeka says

    Negodi Aturu Hausa a

  11. Dunmoye Ismail Temitope says

    You and your family can do the clapping

  12. Shazy Oluseyifunmi says

    She na student u answer question

  13. Emmanuel Ozor says

    God is watching

  14. Ahuruonye Nna Emmajesus says

    Ngige, those who kidnaped you released you, but did not release ur brains. Go for ur brain.

  15. Kadidi Moses Ine says

    Stop mocking buhari

  16. Ibrahim Mukaila Gbenga says

    Yes! God sees you all.

  17. Mathew Chijioke Ikechukwu says

    Clap kill u there

  18. Akaninyene Bassey says

    You will continue to be surprised, a fool at forty is a fool for forever. Nonsense

  19. Adekoya Adeola says

  20. Hilary Erim says

    For the killing or what

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