I’m attracted to girls, young lady cries out for help

“I find myself been attracted to my fellow girls” – Nigerian lady, Olotu Mira seeks for advice

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Olotu Mira has taken to a popular Facebook group to narrate her dilemma.

According to the lady, she is attracted to her fellow ladies and there’s a particular girl she is attracted to but don’t know how to express her intentions.

Olotu Mira

Read her post below;

Hunty susu please post for me
I’m having a serious challenge here, don’t know how to express myself though.
I find myself been attracted to my fellow girls.
There is this particular girl I am madly in love with, each time she visits us, I feel like making my intentions known to her but I don’t know how she will feel.
A lot of guys do approach me but I find not men interesting
House please I need your advice, no insult please.




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