Young lady who was beaten by Facebook friend threatens to commit suicide

Slay Queen identified as Kiki O Adornment who went viral after a video of herself fighting with another young man at a Facebook group’s hangout, has threatened to commit suicide.

This came after the young man narrated how he got into a fight with the Slay Queen identified as Kiki O Adornment at the Facebook group’s hangout.

Cammy Khalid wrote;

“After congratulating Desire Dave Dipupo on his new born baby I made a post about giving birth to the kids you can take care of and not bringing in innocent kids into this earth to suffer so everyone were making positive comments on the post but Kiki O Adornment came to the post and was forming savage queen on the post and we exchanged little words on the post but this girl kept on threatening me with how she would beat me to stupor in the upcoming hangout and stuffs like that…

So i went to report her to her bf in the person of one Anjoorin Damilare to help warn her gf to stay clear off me but this guy went and told her i was begging him to help me beg Kiki not to beat me and Kiki came and posted it here all in the name of trying to mock me and warned me that if i involved her bf again that she will make the beating quicker before the hangout and i dared her and also dropped my number, truth be told i never knew she was serious about it until she called me that same day in the evening and was insulting me and telling me how she will beat my family today…

Kiki set fight Kiki set venue Kiki set date…

Kiki O Adornment

So fastforward to today i was on my bed when Kiki called me and was like shey you know say na today and if them born my papa well make i no show and i was like wow are you serious and she ended the call..

So i was coming from Yaba and decided to drop by at the venue, so i kept on calling her to know am there already, so when she finally came, she came with some ncffa girls,Cassper Leo and Llyod Horlie Johnson so i felt relieved that nothing go sup, we gather dey so far say my guys dey here but Kiki no gree…

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I stood on my own and she came to me and started hitting me and was dragging my side bag very serious and mean, while this was going on i was telling her to stop this and her squad were already laughing at me like i won’t do nothing… Then i reacted and the result is what you see now…

Am not sorry for what happened today cos you people are just being biased cos she is a girl but you need see how it happened today that made me react…..if she was the one that beat me the headline would have been different so let’s enjoy it like this

I acted like a man but she no wan gree me be.. ”

However the Slay Queen who was beaten at the Facebook group’s hangout is now threatening suicide, after video of their fight went viral.

watch the fight below.

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