When you rush to do things because you are ageing, it may be you doom – Ngozi Nwosu speaks on remarrying

Nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu, has revealed in an interview that she is not in a hurry to remarry. The veteran screen goddess stated that she is waiting on God’s time so she doesn’t repeat the mistake she made with her first marriage. She also advised parents not to pressure their children into getting married

Issues relating to relationships and marriages are often considered delicate. While many people rush in and eventually rush out of marriages, others however tend to take their time in order to avoid making mistakes.

Veteran Nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu is certainly one to give advice on marriage with her being a divorcee. In a recent interview with Plus TV Africa, she revealed that she is not in a hurry to remarry. According to the screen diva, she is waiting on God’s time so as to avoid making the same mistake she did in her first marriage.

She said: “When you rush to do things because you are ageing or because your mates are doing it, it might be your doom so just live your life and wait till it is the right time. I am waiting on God’s time before I get married again, to avoid making another mistake”

Ngozi Nwosu

Nwosu who admitted she was single, also spoke about the pressure parents put on their kids to get married.

According to her: “No Parent should put pressure on their kids to marry, it is better to be late than to marry early and choose wrong. That was part of what happened to me, I was under pressure to marry and things eventually didn’t turn out right”

Recall a while ago, it was earlier reported the news of how Nwosu was diagnosed with a kidney related ailment. She was flown to United Kingdom where she underwent a kidney transplant surgery.

Ever since her return to the industry, Ngozi Nwosu has made it known that living life to the fullest is the best way to go and as it is, she is leaving no room for mistakes!



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