Nigeria’s Agtech startup “Goatti” helps users Create livestock farm on their smartphones

As Technology continues to drive Agricultural value, Nigeria’s digital livestock startup company “GOATTI” has launched its mobile app to help Nigeria tackle meat insecurity in Nigeria.

The Goatti App is designed to help users invest in Livestock from there smartphones without owning a physical farm hereby giving them a 30% ROI/dividend with a period of 6 months.

The Goatti App is an agricultural innovation that allows people create there livestock farm in 5 Minutes from there smartphone and give an on-farm operation update of your livestock activities, daily weekly and Monthly through a real time notification on your internet enabled phone.

In reality, Goatti team consist of experienced staffs which ranges from Livestock farmers, Animal scientist, Veterinary Doctors, software Developers, Financial & marketing experts and more who monitor your livestock to maturity on your behalf without you stressing yourself or going through the hassle of farming till your goats are matured for sales.

Users however don’t need to be bothered about the sale of there livestock, as Goatti is perceived as one of the biggest livestock aggregator in Nigeria to Quick service Restaurants (QSR), Retail stores, & household consumer. Thus, GOATTI owe users the responsibility of selling there livestock at maturity to a wide range of consumers hereby giving you a return on investment of 30% on your livestock Farm within 6 months.

According to Ifedayo Oniyide (Founder/CEO of “Goatti app is designed to help more Nigerians participate in livestock farming with there mobile devices.

With the aim at been Africa’s largest livestock aggregator for goats, we believe young and elite Nigerians can invest there resources into farming without leaving there paid job, or academic pursuit in owning healthy livestock through best ranching practices to feed the exponential growing population of the nation with an aim of earning decent returns”.

He further added that, Goatti is a farm for everyone (Nigerians & in Diaspora) thus we believe we can use digital technology in driving the agricultural value of our nation by ensuring livestock farmers & investors get decent income towards building a livestock ranching structures and processing plants that works and produce healthy goats & hygiene meat for the consumer market” The App is however characterized by its Simple payment gateway to purchase and create Livestock Farm in few minutes, farm dashboard, real time notifications, Gifting Livestock, Shop Goatti Products, Farm and market updates, Payout Button, and fast responsive inquiry features. The Goatti App would definitely give you an exciting farming experience that would keep your integrated with your livestock.

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