Photos of Husband and wife who died after eating wedding ‘Take-Away’ food in Abia State

Hours after attending a wedding ceremony in Umuozu, Uratta, Abia State, a man and his wife have reportedly died.

We earlier reported that the couple who had chaired a wedding were handed a takeaway pack when they were going, they went home and ate the food with their maid which result to their death (read earlier report here ).

People got to know about their death when their neighbours in the market complained that they have been calling them while their phones rang without any response. It was at that point that some of the neigbhours used ladder to climb into their compound, only to discover their bodies and that of their maid who was eventually taken to the hospital for treatment.

The man is identified as Emeka Joseph Ozoekweh aka Emmyjoen. Emmyjoe was said to be the Secretary of the Timber Dealers Association in Abia State.

See their photos below.





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