Outrage as Sapele LG chairman allegedly takes viral schoolgirl, Success Adegor, to a drinking joint at night

Journalist calls out Sapele local government chairman, Eugene Inoaghan, for taking little girl in viral school fees video, Success Adegor, to a ”beer parlor”

Journalist Fejiro Oliver, has called out the chairman of Sapele Local Government, Eugene Inoaghan, for taking little Success Adegor, to a beer parlor with his friends.

Sucess made news last month after a video of her complaining bitterly that she was sent out of school for failing to pay her examination fee, went viral.

Reacting to a photo of little Success in company of the local government chairman and his friends drinking beer at a ”beer parlor” , Fejiro Oliver wrote;

”Just imagine

A Local Government Chairman in Delta State, precisely Sapele Local Government took little Success of the “No be say I no go pay o” fame out to a beer parlour.

This man called Eugene deserves to be suspended by the Governor for this evil habit. He didn’t see church or recreational areas, na where him and his guys dey manya he carry the small girl go.

See clearer picture below;

Success Adegor allegedly in drinking joint with Sapele local government chairman, Eugene Inoaghan

[UPDATED] A man has further revealed another side of the story. According to Tagbarha Malcolm, whose facebook profile indicates that he’s the Chief Press Secretary to the Local Government Chairman at SAPELE LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCIL SAPELE, the picture was misinterpreted by the journalist.

Tagbarha Malcolm who wrote in the comment section of our page said;

There is nothing we don’t see today on Facebook due to the fact that people can sit in the comfort of their houses to type rubbish and post…..
The post is a misrepresentation of what actually happened at the poolside in the Chairman’s compound.

The parents of Miss Success Adegor went to formally notify and invite the Chairman for a ceremony. And on getting to the Chairman’s residence, they met him already hosting some visitors and naturally they joined the party and subsequently presented their invitation and left.
This is why it is advisable for people who see similar posts not to jump to conclusion because they may be misrepresentation such as this….*sad*




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