2 Italian Police Officers hospitalized after being attacked by a Nigerian asylum seeker

According to reports, a Nigerian assylum seeker has been arrested in Italy after allegedly attacking and injuring two policemen in Vicenza, Italy.

It was gathered that the Nigerian man was stopped by officials during a simple identification check and he refused to submit his documents while allegedly insulting the officers.

When the situation got out of control, other Nigerian migrants gathered and surrounded the police officers in an attempt to prevent their compatriot’s arrest.

The police had to call for re-inforcement to calm the tension. When more officers arrived, the Nigerian man allegedly attacked them and bit one in the hand, leading to an injury.

The situation further degenerated as other migrants blocked the police during the chaos. The Nigerian asylum seeker was later arrested as it was discovered that he’s in Italy with a permit for humanitarian reasons.

The two injured officers were rescued and transported to the San Bortolo hospital in Vicenza to be treated



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