Nigerian student, Asomba Nkiru praised in Russia for returning lose cash dispensed from a malfunctioned ATM

Russian university celebrates Nigerian student Asomba Nkiru for returning money found at the ATM

Asomba Nkiru Sandra

Asomba Nkiru Sandra has proved that there are disciplined Nigerians abroad as the freshman student of Michurinsky State Agrarian University refuse to join her Compatriots known for many bad things, including tarnishing the image of the country when they travel abroad.

Asoma found some money in an ATM, perhaps due to a malfunction. Rather than take the dishonest route and keep the money, the young lady decided to do the right thing and called the bank support service to report her findings.

Her good deed was rewarded by the university as they praised her honesty and went further to describe Sandra as an example of civic consciousness, nobility and dedication.

Asomba Nkiru Sandra

See what was written about her below.

Reacting to the news, Asomba shared the photos above and wrote;

Spirit of a Patriotic Nigerian! Am trying to make Nigerians Proud



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