RMD defends his grandchild after he was caught ‘toasting’

Richard Mofe-Damijo has in an Instagram post defended his little grandson against people saying little Kobi is already ‘toasting’ a babe at his age.

In the video, which some persons have tagged ‘wooing,’ little Kobi can be seen feeding a female friend.

According to RMD, Kobi was only portraying a good family trait of generally being nice. He wrote…

‘My grandson Kobi caught on camera feeding a friend and just being generally nice, sweet and kind and people are already saying he is just like his father and I agree. It’s so hard for a guy to be innocent in this wicked world. Ride on Kobi. Those saying you are already TOASTING a babe at your age are speaking from their own bad gang corner. All I see is a family trait of kindness to people. Guys, or am i right or right?’,



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