Early morning hotness! OAP Destiny Amaka puts her banging bikini bod on display (photos)

Cool FM OAP, Destiny Amaka shared these hot bikini photos of herself on Instagram this morning.  Such a banging body! See photos below.

The Cool FM 96.9 OAP has been on the scene for a number of years. Recently Destiny Amaka who doubles as an actress has lost weight and gotten on track with her fitness.

Sometimes ago when the gorgeous looking OAP suffered from heartbreak,she took a stern decision to loss weight, to look fit and much more gorgeous.  She revealed her feat in an interview where she said:

I started of at 89kg and gradual worked my way down to 66kg. I was afraid to say anything before because I thought the weight would creep back as it usually does but this time it is gone for good :)…Well, until it’s time to start a family.

For now, my goal is to stay under 70kg and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

OAP Destiny Amaka Weight transmission

Ever since OAP Destiny Amaka has been far from shy to show off her stunning body. 



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