Medical student commits suicide in Bayelsa after failing MBBS exam

A 300 level medical student of the Niger Delta University, NDU, has allegedly committed suicide in Bayels after failing his MBBS examination.

Reports have it that the man identified as Uzakah Timi Ebiweni died after plunging into Amassoma River in Bayelsa State.

Timi took the decision to end it all today, after failing his MBBS exams, which was reported to have recorded mass failure – It was gathered that out of the 169 students in his class, 50 failed.

Timi allegedly started giving hints via his WhatsApp stories by initially posting a candle light and then changing to the picture of a candle with its light blown off.

The rate at which Nigerians, especially students have been committing suicide in the past few weeks, has been alarming and it has been getting serious attention from both concerned citizens of the country as well as the authorities.

Media personality, Betty Irabor recently spoke on the issue and opened up that she once attempted suicide herself and that no one should judge the victims as no one understood what they passed through before making the decision to take their lives

She wrote:

SUICIDE!!! Don’t label or judge what you do not understand. If you haven’t walked in a man’s or woman’s shoes you cannot make assumptions about what they do or why they do it.

At the time I attempted suicide , I was sick and in pain. There was a volcano somewhere inside of me that needed to erupt and suicide seemed like an option to avoid the eruption.Don’t trivialize anyone’s pain just because it’s not physical and you cannot see it.




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