Singer Timi Dakolo makes case for men, says they are fragile too

It is often said that women are more emotional than men because they fully express how they feel and can be said to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Men on the other hand, have had to endure many years of being told to ‘man up’ and not allow anything faze them.

Due to such conditioning, many men have mastered the art of bottling up their feelings and dusting off things even when they are burning inside. It is with such popular notion that singer, Timi Dakolo, recently made a case for men on social media.

In a recent post, the singer stated that men are fragile too and advised that people should not be deceived by their appearances and ‘machoness’. According to him, men too have feelings and when it comes to the matter of the heart, feel as much as women do.

Read his post below:

It is easy for women to argue otherwise as most have had to put up with men who have concrete walls up and never show their vulnerability.

However, some social media users doubt that men are ‘fragile’ as Dakolo has pointed out.

Below are some reactions:

Meanwhile, popular Twitter user Reno Omokri took to his page to give a relationship advice like he is known to do. This time, he weighed in on the fact men who do not provide for their families adequately should see their marital lives as burdening.

According to him, it is the role of the man to provide for the wife and family and it is the responsibility of the female partner to contribute to the efforts of the male spouse. Reno is of the opinion that these roles should not be reversed in any circumstances. When this happens, he considers such marriage a bondage.



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