Men can smell desperation from a mile away – Actress advises single mothers

Actress Catherine Kamau has offered some solid advice to single mothers on the question of whether they can find love again.

Despite the glow and glam, Kate is the first one to admit her life is not as perfect as she makes it out to be on Instagram.

She is the mother of a teenage boy whom she conceived at her first attempt at bring a “bad girl” back in campus.

From then on, it has been both tears and joy as the actress has constantly narrated her struggles as a single mom. She has also never mentioned her baby daddy for reasons best known to her.

In an Instagram Q and A session with fans, Kate was asked quite the tricky question by a curious user who wanted to know whether she was optimistic of getting married especially since she is a single mother.

Kate, who has been married to her bae Phillip Karanja for years now, responded by revealing she was never looking for love in the first place, even at the time she started dating her director husband.

She went on to reveal that at the time, she was fully focused on being the best mother to her son, and somehow Phillip walked into her life, romantically.

Catherine Kamau

The fan’s question seemed to have stemmed from an ongoing raging debate on single mothers and the plight they face as a result of their relationship status.

Just recently, WITHINNIGERIA reported that a Nigerian single mother shared her grass to grace story after becoming a home owner.

Sharon Cross shared a post on Instagram in which she spoke of her journey from being a single mother to being a successful woman and a bonafide landlord.

According to the lady, when she became a single mother, many people mocked her and said she was not never going to get married. Despite the taunts coming from her neighbours, Sharon maintained focus.




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