Why Feminism Is A Scam – US Activist Candace Owens Knocks Feminists With Sacrosanct Argument

As simple as the word feminism may appear, it is a term that’s not understood by many, even those who claim to be practicing feminism have failed to give a generally accepted definition of what feminism really means.

Despite its simplicity, feminism has remained a complex misery, causing different controversies among the feminine gender due to how they perceive feminism differently. Funnily, what is feminism to some women, might not be feminism to other women, thereby causing confusion.

In the light of this, Candace Owens, a renowned US activist while speaking against feminism, shared a view of a 55 years old woman who confessed to regretting ever fallen for the scam called feminism.

“I learnt too late that feminism was a scam. Today I am 55, I am unmarried, I have passed the age I can have children & I have to take medicines to help keep me happy, I am on my medication and that is the scam of feminism.

“If there’s anything I could go back and do, I would’ve warned myself against the scam of feminism,” she said the woman, Allie Beth Stuckey wrote in a comment after having a conversation about the dangers of feminism with her.

Speaking at her Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Texas, Ms. Candace Owens held that feminism is “not about uplifting women, it is about tearing women down,” and backed her opinion up with some ‘tangible’ reasons.

Owens criticises some feminist icons in Hollywood, including Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, and Chelsea Handler. She said, “I believe these voices like Lena Dunham, and Miley Cyrus, and Chelsea Handler are convincing women against themselves, telling women, ‘You don’t need a man. You don’t need anyone. You should want to do everything by yourself. And if you do aspire to that — if you aspire toward nature — then something’s wrong with you.’”

Explaining how toxic a feminist can be, Owens said; “Really, if you want to see something toxic, tell a feminist — who says they support every idea a woman has — tell a feminist that you’re not a feminist and see what happens. See the way that you get treated.”

Continuing, she added “I can’t think of women that are nastier and meaner than the ones who exist under these pussy hats, right?”

In a short video from the summit, posted on social media, Owens concluded that those claiming to be feminists are unhappy. “There’s no chance that they are happy,” she said.


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