What To Expect In D’Banj’s Upcoming Series, ‘Adventures Of The Koko Master’

Nigerian singer, D’Banj gives more insight into his forthcoming YouTube Series titled ‘The Adventures of the Koko Master’.

In a chat with Saturday Beat, D’Banj real name, Oladapo Oyebanjo noted that he’s starting the series to document the good and the not so good about his life to inspire the coming generations.

Days ago, WithinNigeria shared the teaser of the first season themed ‘T.A.G Along’, off D’Banj’s soon-to-be-released YouTube Series to up the anticipation of ‘The Adventures of the Koko Master’.

Explaining why it became necessary for him to start the series and what should be expected, he said; “My YouTube channel is about my adventures as Koko Master; that is why the first season is called ‘Tag Along’; an acronym for the avant-garde. It means breaking barriers.

What To Expect In D’Banj’s Upcoming Series, ‘Adventures Of The Koko Master’
D’Banj to inspire coming generations

“One major thing that has affected us as Africans is that we’ve not documented our stories properly and it has not helped to inspire the new generation.

“Growing up, we could see what Michael Jackson was doing; so we could imagine and hope to be like that.

“I have documented mine and it is going to be about my life. I will be answering questions that people have wanted to know over the years.

“I would also use that to answer my own questions; for example, some people don’t know what Afrobeat is; they think a song like ‘Oliver Twist’ is called Afrobeat, but I’ll call it Afro-pop.

“I want to answer all these questions. It is a whole new adventure; I would be documenting the good and the not so good.”

The full clips of ‘T.A.G Along’ season one will debut on August 1.

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