Queen Salawa Abeni Becomes Grandmother Again

Salawa Abeni has welcomed another grandson. The excited grandmother shared picture of the new baby with his brothers at the hospital.

“Alihamidulilah Alihamidulilah Alihamidulilah robili Allahmina,” she wrote.

“God almighty Allah has done it again o. He has blessed me with another grandson. Help me pray for the father and mother, the grandpa and grandma, and his lovely twin brothers. Welcome my handsome baby boy. Ohunayo iru eleyi koni won nile gbogbo wa o. Amin, I AM THE ORIGINAL GRANDMA AWON BOYS LOL.”

She has been receiving congratulatory messages from her fans and colleagues

The singer also shared her meeting with Mother in Isreal Esther Ajayi abroad.

“Muslim and Christian are one Family”, she said.

“Today am with mother in Israel mama Esther Ajayi.”



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