Lady reveals messages of a married man who preaches decency after pressurizing her for séx

A Nigerian lady has busted all the secrets hidden by a fellow Nigerian man on a social media after things got to the breaking point.

Yetty, a Twitter user has revealed all the messages sent to her by a man just to have sex with her after allegedly claiming he’s single.

It all started when the man recognized as Ayo posted via his Twitter handle about being honest with ladies especially when you need something from them.

He posted:

I tweet for guys who don’t lie to ladies about what they really want.

This didn’t go well with Yetty who was already a victim of his deceit and lies and decided to reveal all that he has told her.

Ayo had promised her marriage just because he wanted to sleep with her, he never talked about having a partner until Yetty saw his wedding anniversary photos.

Yetty replied Ayo’s Tweet by series of replies directed to him. She had posted these:

A man who can’t control his sexual urges whenever he sees women isn’t a man.

A man who believes he must sleep with all the females he knows isn’t a man But a shameless PIG

If you want to be a fuckboy oga Puremind own it with your chest my nigga. Don’t be acting like a saint when you are full of shit.

You know the people who don’t care when they fuck up. Who live in the bubble of I’m perfect the world must see me that way??

Stupid, deluded and shameless people.

This birthed the revealing of all secret chats they have had together and how Ayo has been teasing her to come over for sex.

Read all their chats and messages here:




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