Lady recounts how an Uber driver saved their lives while almost getting robbed

A lady has recounted how an Uber driver saved their lives after they almost got robbed by 5 men who were chasing them.

Imabe took to her social media page to recount how the Uber driver she was in acted very smart and saved their lives after 5 men almost robbed them after chasing them for over 20 mins.

She also revealed that the incident occurred in Lagos and the men started pursing them in a Marwa (Keke napep) seeing they could not meet up with the driver who refused to slow down, they immediately jumped on a bike and continued the pursuit until Uber driver drove into and estate for safety.

She was so grateful, she recommended that the company should reward the driver.

Last night, the uber driver saved our lives literally. We had 5 men chase our car for more than 20 mins around Landmark, they kept chasing us with maruwa and later took a bike. Thank God for the Uber driver tbh, he refused to stop and kept running till we entered an estate

Uber should please reward the driver that took us last night, I have never seen someone so sharp and smart.

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