American rapper Lil Baby buys world’s most expensive dice with VVS Diamond (Video)


American rapper, Lil baby born Dominique Jones has splashed a huge sum of money on his new VVS Diamond encrusted Dice. The 25years old rapper who is Literally playing with money took to his live video on Instagram to show off his new purchase.

One would think Americans won’t be moved by Lil Baby’s purchase but a lot of them have taken to The Shade Room to blast the Drip too hard crooner who apparently has too much to spend.

Watch video of him rolling the dice below:

Perhaps you overheard someone saying they absolutely want a ‘VVS diamond’. Or perhaps your girlfriend even “hinted” she prefers VVS diamonds. But what is a VVS diamond?

VVS1 & VVS2 means Very Very Small inclusions. The diamond is nearly perfect with almost no visible flaws. Even with a 10x loupe, it’s almost impossible to spot the imperfections.
VVS diamonds are extremely valuable and rare.



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