Exams are not a test of intelligence – Reno Omokri

Social media commentator and former presidential media aide Reno Omokri has something for students who consider themselves to be a failure after failing an exam.

According to him, examinations are not truly the best way to test one’s intelligence. He stated that exams are just means to test one’s memory and should not be used as a yardstick for success.

He wrote:

Exams are a test of memory, not a test of intelligence. Read to pass your exam but don’t think you are unintelligent because you fail. Dont think you are better than those who failed. You might actually end up working for a classmate who failed

But it appears as if some of his followers on Twitter have other opinions on the subject. A man identified as Austin believes exams are both a test of memory and of intelligence, as some examination questions are set to determine once analytical capacity

He wrote:

I think exam is a test of both. If exams were just about memory, there wouldnt be that critical and analytical dimensions in exams. Sometimes, an examiner is testing your ability to be analytical or critical on an issue than your ability to just memorize…

See post beelow:

In an earlier post, the outspoken Omokri shared a piece of marriage advice for unmarried men who want to be powerful in life.

Omokri advised men aspiring to be powerful to marry a prayerful woman instead of a slay queen. He said prayers go up to God and power comes down to earth.

According to him, when trouble comes in a marriage a slay mama cannot use her abilities as a fashionista to overcome it stating that only a prayerful woman can, however, overcome troubles in marriage with prayers.




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