Woman claims she slept and woke up with an American accent, says God gave her the accent

A Ugandan woman has put a lot of people in a shock mode after her video trend where she mentioned in an interview she granted on TV, where she claimed she got her American accent from God.

Victoria Aiko, a Ugandan businesswoman, was a guest on Urban TV.

After introducing herself, the host was surprised that she’s Ugandan and asked how she got her American accent and Aiko said she got it suddenly from God one morning.

She said:

“God does extraordinary stuff, right? So I just woke one morning and the accent just came on and I was like ‘okay’ and people started saying ‘Hey what’s up with it?’ And I was like ‘I don’t know!’ because I did not even realise I was speaking like this… so its God.”

When asked about her relationship with God, she said she got born again in 2003.

Watch the video below

In other news, Uganda President, Musevani has declared that he is not tired of ruling the Nation after 33 years in office.

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