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Nigerian man accuses SARS officers of assaulting his mother and 2 siblings after bashing their car

Some operatives of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have been accused of assault by a Nigerian man. He accused them of assaulting his mother and two siblings after hitting their car.

While narrating the incident, the Nigerian man with Instagram handle @Gee_Marshal accused the Lagos security operatives of getting infuriated after his mother whose car they bashed, snapped back at them after they (SARS operatives) booed and insulted her after the incident.

He further revealed that his cousin who is also a victim of the incident, has been hospitalized after being punched and beaten with horsewhip by the SARS officers.

He wrote;

On Tuesday 17th of March 2020, My Mum and my two siblings were assaulted by Federal SARS Officials.

Coming from Ikorodu, My Mum and my siblings joined the service lane at ketu, it was a moving traffic till they got to the road that links the service lane to the express ( exactly under the bridge) and it was at this point the traffic was on standstill. The police vehicle behind them was apparently in a haste and there was no room for them to have paved any way for them. In the process of not being patient, they bashed my mum’s car, booed and insulted her, when she snapped at them in anger. My siblings also got pissed and shouted at them, they moved ( still maintaining the service lane to ojota) .

On getting to Ojota just by the Gani Fawehimi’s Statue, they were once again stuck in traffic, the police vehicle took a short route by passing the BRT lane, crossed my mum’s car , got down and started banging the doors and windows of the car telling my mum to get down. My mum and sister were so scared, then my cousin who was a young man got down to address the issue, immediately he did, he was punched and attacked with a horse whip they held. It took severally minutes before a man ( the one on Kampala native introduced himself as a police officer) got down from his vehicle intervened and apologized on their behalf. They left the scene but my cousin has been hospitalized since yesterday after the incident. I needed to share this so that we all can know that we are not safe in this country any longer.

My question is what if my cousin wasn’t inside the car?
Would they have beaten up my mum and sister? May God continue to save us from these monsters.

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