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God chose me to heal Nigeria of Coronavirus, says Kemi Olunloyo

After claiming to have intorduced sex toys to Nigeria, controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo has taken to her social media account to declare that God has chosen her to heal Nigeria of coronavirus.

According to the self professed Evangelist, God visited her in a dream and spoke to her thrice, telling her that she has been chosen to heal Nigeria of coronavirus.

She wrote:

I had a BAD BAD DREAM last night! I’m a self professed Evangelist @Evangelistkemi and God spoke to me and woke me up 3 times overnight about #COVID19. He said I’m the one he chose to heal Nigeria not the Government or the Church. Said if I don’t people will DIE massively. He told me to unblock people and massively start educating everyone. He says I should empty my bank account and start funding #IJcovid19 with my entire life savings with no penny left😲 He’s treating me like Job in the Bible. I must obey him. I skipped a heart beat at 3am telling him I will obey. He also told me to REVIVE the hashtag #ProtectNigeria. I begin God’s word and work today. He also told me I cannot talk to anyone during this assignment and work around the clock😳😵😓
I Begin now. Pray for me🙏🏾”

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