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6-year-old boy mauled to death by abandoned pit bull his mum was trying to give a home

A 6-year-old boy has been killed by an abandoned pit bull his mum was trying to give a home.

The boy’s bereaved mother said the dog “only took a second” to end her son’s life.

Victoria LaBar told how the abandoned pit bull she had taken in attacked Cameron Hatfield, known to his family as Jayce, just days after she found the animal roaming on her property.

She wrote: “All it took was a second and he ended my boy’s life. My other dog and husband even tried to get the dog off my boy.”

Saying that she believes the dog had been dumped by local hunters, she added: “Whoever you are … you dropped your trained-to-kill hunting dog off and thought nothing of the consequences of your actions.”

Hampton County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the family’s home on Wednesday, January 20, “regarding a juvenile being attacked by a dog” but the little boy was already dead when they arrived.

On January 15 Jayce’s mum Victoria LaBar had written a Facebook post saying she had found the dog wandering on her land and asked if anyone would be willing to give the “sweet boy” a home.

She added: “I really do not want to take this sweetheart to a shelter.

“He’s great with other dogs, big and small, Children, big and small, and my cat! He’s amazing! Truly wish I could keep him!”

But a few days later, the tearful mum added an update to say that the animal, who she believed had been trained to kill by hunters, had killed her son.

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