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No phones, no earrings – Lady recounts ‘tough rules’ to adhere to before entering Mummy G.O’s church (Photos)

A curious social media user has recounted her experience following her visit to the church of controversial Nigerian preacher Funmilayo Adebayo popularly referred to as Mummy G.O.

The user identified as burnt_dodo recounted how she had to blend into the fashion sense of the Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church Of God. According to her, the church had strict rules the congregation must adhere to before gaining entrance into the church auditorium.

According to her, ushers were stationed at the entrance to watch out for members who had items such as jewelry, mobile phones, make-up, body piercings, tattoos, and the list is endless.

Mummy G O Church

See her full tweet below:

I woke up early to visit this church. Asides from the fact that ‘Mummy G.O’ is an online sensation, her church was not very far and shockingly, her son was an acquaintance. So you can imagine the determination. It was quite comical.Thread on my visit to Mummy G.O’s church

To be honest, I was stunned with the size of the church. Expected it to be a tiny building. Wrong oh. It was very wide and a small building by the side was for the children’s church. As I parked and tried stepping into the building, I was stopped. Ghen ghen!

The lady at the entrance spoke yoruba to me. She asked me to please take off my necklace. I forgot to remove my bling bling. I begged her to help me take it off and she seemed pleased. She told me how she expected me to argue as many did. Ma’am I came for cruise. Take it off.

Then I noticed this at the entrance. In this type of situation, you have to comply, you don’t need no drama. My scarf slid up and she sighted my earrings. She called me back. she helped me take those off too. I was just very calm and I kept smiling at her. I was here for mummy

I entered and found a suitable place to sit. I was right on time. It was Sunday school. I noticed something,they were so keen on the preaching of ‘End Times’. I surveyed the crowd. Well, it was a small crowd. Men one side, women one side. Youths were so few and I wasn’t surprised

It was full of way older people and more women than men. The choir in dark purple attire. Fashion was missing, nobody cared on how to mix and match attires. Well, we are in end times. I was patiently waiting for mummy G.O to turn up. I was called again by the woman outside. Nawa

“Aunty e jor, e pa phone yin” (Aunty please turn off your phone .) then she pointed to a banner outside that asked for phones to be turned off during service. Nawa. No videos for you people. I didn’t want drama. So I turned it off and went back into the church.

Sunday school was over and mummy G.O was yet to be seen. Ah she better turn up for us. The lady beside me was staring and I caught her gaze. “Are you a new member?” She asked with a grin. My suspicion arose. She must be one of us. “Yes.” I answered. “Me too. Who invited you?”



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