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The 7 ‘Sex and the City’ Guys You’ll Meet on Tinder


2. The Jack Berger

He’s cool, he’s cute, and he’s boyish. He’s struggling to find himself and his success. At first, he’s in awe of you. Then, he feels small with you. Out of nowhere, he disappears and finally pulls the ultimate boy-in-a-man’s-body move: he sends a break up note via Snapchat.

“I met this guy on Bumble and we were together for two months. I started to relax with him and thought we were going the distance. And then poof—he was gone. He didn’t answer texts or emails, he blocked me on Insta, and then he went silent on Facebook. I contacted one of his friends to make sure he was okay. He told me that I just got hit by ‘The Two-Month Pro.’ He’s all in for two months, get freaked out, and moves on. I got Berger-ed.” — Amanda, 32

“Ugh. A guy broke up with me on Snapchat. He’s seen my vagina and he couldn’t even send me a permanent message?” — Heather, 24.



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