It is Buhari in 2019 or we burn the zoo down — Fulani Engineer

A PhD holder from the Fulani tribe says his opinion on Buhari’s 2019 Presidential ambition and he described Nigeria as animal kingdom


Twitter user @ibraheem_pkm wants everyone to know he is ready to resort to violence if his preferred candidate doesn’t win in 2019. His Twitter bio says he is a Fulani engineer with a PhD.  See his post below..

Fulani PhD holder says "it



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  1. Edward Praise says

    Nigeria is bigger than any wicked agent that seeks to destroy it watch your words

  2. Khalid Yahaya Ajibogu says

    People will jst start commenting on post. Something that anybody can do or post and claim to be somebody. Though, its only the biafra that knw Nigeria(ans) as zoo and animals. Me, I since knw that they are those perpetrating all this killings here and there in the name of herdsmen. GOD go punish any group or political parties that took part in all the senseless killings. Those people go die and will never rest in peace.

  3. Moses Eze says

    Pls do that quick

  4. Fortune-boy Chingozi says

    Even fulani man knows dat Nigeria is a Zoo. not NNAMDI KALU. Alone, interesting.

  5. Omobowale Dawodu says

    Instead of war,,, let everyone bear his father’s name,,, To your tent oh Israel,,,, abi na by force,,,, let the cord be broken,,,

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