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One legged thief traveled from Ogun state to steal in Lagos, caught hiding inside ceiling

A one-legged suspected robber identified as Mr. Akinola Akeem has been arrested after he removed his artificial leg and climbed the ceiling of a popular shopping complex, Hub Plaza in Shasha area of Lagos state to steal at night.

Akeem’s artificial leg

Mr. Akeem who is a father of three confessed to the crime saying that he came all the way from Ijebu Ode, Ogun state to steal and revealed that it was not his first time coming to Lagos to steal.

According to PM news, Mr. Akeem met his waterloo after he removed his artificial leg, climbed the ceiling of the storey building and broke into two shops.

However, the security men on duty came to the place and found the artificial leg with jeans on it. The security men wondered who kept it at that particular period. Other security men on duty were alerted, they began to comb the area and Akeem was found inside the plaza ceiling.

He was forced to come down and he confessed that he was a robber. He pleaded with them not to kill him and he was later handed over to the police at Shasha Division.

He has been charged before the Magistrates court sitting in Ejigbo for burglary.

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  1. Jenny Blinks says

    They shud better cut off d other leg before its too late

  2. Jordan Edet says

    Mayb d other leg was cut off bcos of stealing

  3. Adueze Brenda says

    Hahahaha even with one leg? They need to cut off the other one.

  4. Gina Isaiah says

    This one weaken me??

  5. Gift Namso says

    Thief na thief if you like cut everything he go til thief

  6. Dis guy is a criminal. For d fact he have one leg he still stealing wit it

  7. Comfort Goyit Attat says

    Guy,be careful

  8. Ayorinde Samox Samson says

    Make dy cut the second leg abi

  9. Viktohr Iniete says

    How did he climb d ceiling?
    No one seems to ask..

  10. Oliver Olymore says

    I don’t trust Nigeria news again,, how did he managed to climb the ceiling with the one leg please Mr poster answer me

  11. Selena Mammy says


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