10 Kinds Of Tenants You’re Likely To Meet In A Compound-House

There comes a time when you have to start life on your own or you’ve been living in an luxurious apartment and you finally want a place more affordable. Looking for a new place can be quite stressful especially when the ones you find doesn’t come with some basic amenities.
Congrats if you got a place. Here is a heads-up if the house you’re moving into is a ‘compound-house.’

1. The prayer warrior who won’t allow others to sleep.

These people, hmm. Just be thankful when they’re not next-door else no quality bedtime for you. They can pray from morning to morning non-stop and woe betides you if you complain.

2. The tenant who always has a problem with everyone.

This kind of tenant is always angry, won’t respond to greetings or say hi to you. Just don’t bother them and live in harmony.

3. The one who borrows everything

You don’t want to come across this person. This person can borrow everything you have including utensils and ingredients and the annoying thing is they do not have anything for you to borrow.

4. The one who lives incognito

You never know whether he/she is home because the door is always shut. You only get to see this tenant when the landlord calls for a meeting.

5. The one who always gets visitors

Sometimes you’d wonder whether you’re living in a guest house. This particular tenant gets visitors every minute but that’s none of your business anyway.

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7. The couple who always fight

8. The one who know a bit about everything (but knows nothing)

Loves to talk about everything even something they have no idea about. Try as much as possible to avoid them especially when they want to talk politics.

9. The landlord’s trusted information person.

If you’re wondering how your landlord/landlady gets to know what happened even if he/she wasn’t at home when the incident occurred, stop and look for that mole. There’s someone always leaking info often to get favour.

10. The landlord/landlady

Not necessarily a tenant but in most cases the owners live on the same compound. Some are just cool, you’ll only see them when it’s time to pay up. And the others, do you remember that landlady from the “Kungfu Hustle” movie? It’s a whole different story.

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