Learn How To Make Your Ankara Hair Fascinator In 6 Easy Steps

Every day as women, we keep learning new things and seek ways to look good while spending less. An ankara fascinator is one of those ways to make your style game stronger.

Here is how to make it

What You Need
-Gum ( uhu, shoe gum or e6000)
-Gum brush
-Ankara Fabric
– cardboard
-Circular mould
-Clip or band
-Crinoline for the bow

How To Do It
1. Place the mould on the cardboard, trace out two circular shapes and cut.
Place the two cutouts together. Make sure they align. Trim off excess.

2. Apply gum on one side of the card pieces

3. Place the card ( make sure it the side having the gum ) on the fabric and cut out allowing for extra inches for folding.
Note: Do not use too much gum to avoid it messing up the fabric.

Repeat the above step for the second card pieces.

4. Fold the extra inch of fabric along the card. Notch if necessary.

5. Apply gum along the edges of the card pieces and glue both together.
The sides without fabric should face each other. Only the side with fabric will be exposed.

6. Attachment of hair clip/Alice band/bow

7. Make Ankara fabric bow and attach a brooch to it

8. Hot Glue the bow to the fascinator.


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