‘I Can No Longer Satisfy You In Bed’ – Woman Begs Husband To Marry Second Wife


A 62-year old man simply known as James (surname withheld) got approval from his 53-year old wife, Jane, to marry a second wife after she realised that she could no longer satisfy him in bed. The incident happened at Idimu Road in Ejigbo, Lagos, where the couple who had four grown up children resided.

Jane reportedly prepared a written approval for her husband to get a second wife and promised to take care of the expenses the husband will have to incur on the marriage.

P.M.Express confirmed from Jane that she gave such approval to her husband because of his enormous sexual strength and libido at his age. She explained that her husband was getting older but it had not affected his sexual drive, rather it appeared to be on the increase on daily basis. She became afraid that if they continued, she may likely pass out during the romps.

However, the offer by the woman was rejected by her husband, James, who claimed that it was against his faith to marry a second wife or commit adultery.

It was gathered that the couple got married many years back, wedded in the Catholic faith and had children who had grown up. It was gathered that they toiled to train all their children up to the university level and they had all graduated and were working.

It was learnt that their children had advised them to do less work as they placed them on salary to take care of their needs. But the woman had continued to complain to their children that their father was maltreating her and wanted to kill her. The children wondered how their father will be maltreating their mother at their almost retiring age.

Their only daughter contacted her siblings and they resolved to confront their father to know why he was maltreating their mother. When the children got to the family house, their mother then presented a written approval in the presence of the children allowing their father to marry a second wife. It was then that the children realised the kind of maltreatment their mother meant.

But their father rejected the offer insisting that he was a strong Catholic and the church does not encourage polygamy as he will not be allowed to receive holy communion.

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