Living the Good Life to Reach 100 Years Old

So why do some places have people who live much longer than the rest of us?

Costa Rica. Okinawa.  Sardinia. Loma Linda, California. Greece.  What do these places have in common? They have blue zones, which according to researcher and author Dan Buettner, have a much higher percentage of 100-year olds—centenarians—than anywhere else on earth. So why do some places have people who live much longer than the rest of us?
Here are the top ten reasons people live to be really old, ten life approaches you can easily adopt. Nine are from Dan Buettner’s book, “The Blue Zones.” The other one is from our in-house researcher!
Of these, four are considered physical health practices, four are sociological approaches, and two are of the heart and soul.
1. Move naturally, every day: Engage in regular, low intensity activity. Most of the people in blue zones are herders, farmers, or have a consistent, daily exercise routine that lasts more than 30 minutes!
2. Stop eating before you get full. In Okinawa, this practice is called hara hachi bu, and the elders on this island eat only up to 80% of their stomach’s capacity at every meal.



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