The First Thing You See In This Picture Reveals Your True Personality

As we do so, each of us develops our own (again unconscious) patterns, and these patterns give rise to, and sometimes change our personal characteristics.

The concept of personality is a particularly riveting one because it blends the highest degrees of psychological complexity with the core of each of our specific humanity.

Our personalities are simultaneously fixed and changeable, general and specific, simple and complicated, and so on.

The curiosity so many of us share about personality traits, in general, and our own personality type, in particular, is represented by the wide range of personality tests available to us all, both for casual entertainment purposes online and in professional, academic and therapeutic settings.

Over the course of one study of the relationship between Instagram filter selection and personality traits conducted in 2015, researchers found a correlation between “personality traits and the way users [of Instagram] want to make their pictures look.” The went on to conclude that, “This [allows] for new ways to extract personality traits from social media trails.”

Relational psychology suggests we all have “repetitive relational patterns (also referred to as enactments) that reflect [our] unique personal histories, conflicts, and ways of relating to the world.

In plain English, this means we are all constantly and unconsciously influenced by the people and things around us while we constantly and unconsciously influence those people and things in return.

As we do so, each of us develops our own (again unconscious) patterns, and these patterns give rise to, and sometimes change our personal characteristics.

The unconscious nature of the way our underlying psychological makeup develops is the reason psychotherapists believe they can determine so much from the way we process images.

As opposed to a projective test, such as the Rorschach inkblot test, in which “a person is shown an ambiguous, meaningless image (ie an inkblot) [and] the mind will work hard at imposing meaning on the image,” personality tests based on relational theories are believed to accurately predict your personality type and traits based on your relationship to the variety of images that have been blended into one.

Therefore, the image you see first in the picture below reveals core aspects of exactly what it is that makes you who you are.

To begin, take a look at this picture.

As soon as your eye finds the first image, scroll down to find out what it says about you.

If you saw…

1. A stallion.

Horses, in general, and stallions, in particular, represent a driving life force that spurs you on to follow your passion. They are also a sign of someone who is capable of maintaining a balance between following their instinctive nature while behaving in a tamed, socially appropriate manner.

In addition, those who see the stallion first are likely to embody a strong sexual energy with a fondness for excitement.

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