5 reasons why you need a social media cleanse now

5 reasons why you need a social media cleanse now5 reasons why you need a social media cleanse now

4. You mindlessly navigate to social media during downtime.

Success is a combination of dozens of small habits. Each of your programmed responses either pushes you forward or pulls you back. Reaching for your phone like a zombie doesn’t scream ‘success’.During your social cleanse, retrain your brain to fall back on useful things.

Engage in mini-sessions of directed mindfulness, read a book or reflect on all the gifts that make you grateful in life. See how many success-boosting habits you can form in the gaping void created by social media’s absence.

5. You haven’t read a good book in a while.


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Life is better with books. But it’s hard to read something useful when every spare second is devoted to social media. Your online fast is the perfect opportunity to make reading a habit. Read a book, the real kind with pages, an hour before bed.

The routine itself and the calming activity will help you drift into a more restful sleep.


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