Woman hacks husband to death then tries to bury him in their bedroom

A mother-of-four killed her husband then dug a grave in their bedroom to bury him but was caught before she could cover her tracks.

Harriet Nassali, 38, hacked her husband, Sirajj Kawuma, to death with a knife at about 5 am on Sunday, August 12, 2018, at their home in Gombe Division Wakiso District, Uganda. After killing him, she dug a 3-feet grave to bury his body in their bedroom.

Harriet Nassali

On realising the gravity of her action, she decided to run from home. But her 13-year-old child found out what had happened and alerted neighbours who then called the police.

One of the children told the police about a male friend who had grown so close to their mother days before their father was hacked to death. The male friend identified as Alex Kamusangi then led a group of investigating officers to Nassali’s hideout and both were arrested.

Upon questioning, the duo admitted to having had plans of eliminating the deceased so that they could blossom in their new love affair. Further inquiries reveal that the deceased and his wife previously had misunderstandings as a result of a land procurement deal gone bad resulting in their separation.

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Close family friends revealed the bitter history of how the deceased had given his wife Nassali 27 million Ugandan Shillings to buy a plot of land. She allegedly used the money for other purposes and this caused a misunderstanding between them.

The deceased’s body has since been transported to the mortuary for postmortem and the two suspects detained at Mattuga Police Station.




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