Fame Sunset: Checkout backup business, source of income of Nigerian ‘Yesterday Superstars’

Fame is transient just like beauty. A superstar at the peak of stardom could become a footnote in history within the twinkle of an eye. A lot of stars have shone on the horizon but not all of them are still up there.

4. Regina Askia

Regina Askia

Former actress and beauty queen, Regina Askia, was the delight of many whenever she appeared on movie screens. The one-time Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria commanded the attention of many with her beauty and her face helped to sell lots of movies back in the day.

Regina Askia

However, she took a bow when the ovation was loudest and relocated outside the country. She currently lives in USA and works as a family nurse practitioner. She is also a healthcare and education activist, television producer, writer and public speaker.

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