Fame Sunset: Checkout backup business, source of income of Nigerian ‘Yesterday Superstars’

Fame is transient just like beauty. A superstar at the peak of stardom could become a footnote in history within the twinkle of an eye. A lot of stars have shone on the horizon but not all of them are still up there.

In this piece, we take a look at what some of our stars of yesteryear are up to now in a detailed list compiled by PUNCH’s Sunday’s scoop.

1. African China

African China

Singer, Chinagorom Onuoha, aka African China, thrilled a lot of fans with hit songs such as Crisis, Mr President, No condition is Permanent, among others. However, after he was involved in an alleged rape scandal in London, his music career experienced a decline.

Not one to stay down, the singer has since diversified into other areas of business such as running a salon.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, he explained why he decided to become a businessman. He said, “It is always good for an entertainer to have other business. Even up and coming artistes need it so that they don’t have to rely on promoters, friends and family to fund their music. In showbiz, you cannot be there forever; so you need to have others. Doing so, you wouldn’t be stuck.

“My businesses include a salon, boutique and I’m into real estate. I also have an entertainment outfit and I rent out sound and stage equipment. Right now, I’m planning to bring in more cameras for movie productions and other things.”

Insisting that he didn’t diversify into other lines of business because his music career wasn’t doing well, he said, “People who think like that are myopic. And you will find out that such people don’t even have anything of their own. If someone like Jay Z, Jenifer Lopez and P-Diddy can have a clothing line and other businesses, who am I not to toe that line?”

A lot more on the list of Celebrities of yesteryear and their new businesses, continue reading.

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