Fame Sunset: Checkout backup business, source of income of Nigerian ‘Yesterday Superstars’

Fame is transient just like beauty. A superstar at the peak of stardom could become a footnote in history within the twinkle of an eye. A lot of stars have shone on the horizon but not all of them are still up there.

8. Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson

In the nineties, Daniel Wilson, was one of the biggest artistes in the country. His song, Mr. Ragamuffin, helped to cement his popularity and he was the favourite of many music lovers of that time.

However, his career failed to evolve beyond the nineties and not many people know what he has been up to since then. The singer has since delved into different spheres of business. He has been involved in manufacturing, advertising and politics. But the most notable of his business ventures is a bakery which is owned by his family.

Daniel Wilson and his baby

Speaking about his business concerns in a recent interview, he said, “I started by managing a food business that my late dad left behind. I got into it with my brothers and we took it from a one industry to about 11 industries. We spread all across Nigeria and we had factories in places such as Ilorin, Niger, Edo, Cross River. We were practically the biggest bread and confectionary makers in the country. We went to bread fairs round the world. Then, I moved into making plastics. From there, I went on to own an advert company and secured different contracts. At that point, the kids had started coming and there were bills to pay, so one had to be creative and start doing a lot of businesses to keep them going.”

Last year, the singer released a song titled, Never Again.

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