Fame Sunset: Checkout backup business, source of income of Nigerian ‘Yesterday Superstars’

Fame is transient just like beauty. A superstar at the peak of stardom could become a footnote in history within the twinkle of an eye. A lot of stars have shone on the horizon but not all of them are still up there.

2. Liz Benson

Liz Benson

At a point in the nineties, Liz Benson was practically the biggest actress in the country. She dominated the movie industry and appeared in majority of the movies produced during that period.

Known for movies such as True Confession, Witches, Diamond Ring, Chain Reaction, among others, she had movie lovers eating out of her palms. Loved for her sterling interpretation of roles, she won many awards and garnered a lot of acclaim.

Liz Benson

However, when many were expecting her to continue soaring, the talented actress took a bow from the industry.

She is now an evangelist and lives in Delta State with her husband, who is also a cleric.

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